After a promising rookie season, Amen Thompson was chosen as one of the 15 players for the USA Select Team. Thompson stopped by briefly to chat with HoopsHype with some quick hitters about his experience playing against the National Team, his rookie season, advice from teammates, twin brother Ausar, and more.

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Amen Thompson: It was fun to be selected and come out here. To play and compete against the best, it was a fun experience.

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AT: I didn’t get too many tips but I definitely watched and observed. Watching LeBron [James] and see how he facilitates as a big guard, that’s some of the stuff I was watching for.

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AT: Just take it a day at a time. It’s your first game, so you’re thinking about doing a lot and sometimes it doesn’t happen like that. It’s 82 games, so take it a game at a time, but my last game I had one of my best games of the year.

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AT: He’s kind of similar to some coaches I’ve had in the past. The thing that’s different about him is he can get in the mix with us, like he’s a player. I’ve never had a coach that played in the NBA. When he talks, I gotta listen because he’s been there. He’s reasonably hard on everybody. He doesn’t go crazy, but he’s reasonably hard.

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AT: DB, he’s the coolest. It surprised me, to be honest. He’s the coolest dude. Really chill. He works hard for everything. He prepares for games like he prepares for war, so I see it in that aspect. Coolest dude for real.

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AT: Just always do something every day. If that’s not basketball, working on your body. He’s big on that. He does that every day.

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AT: Be confident. Be confident on what you can do. Keep staying confident.

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AT: Cam Whitmore. He’s unintentionally funny.

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AT: Nah. [Laughing] He’s funny tho, he gotta be the funniest.

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AT: To him? Nah. Because I know how good he is, I know where he’s going to be at later, so it’s no point for me to get on him.

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AT: Both, but I always say I’m better than him, no matter what’s going on. He can win MVP, and I’m better than him.